Garden Critters

Garden Critters
These garden critters are all hand made in the USA with local products. Each handmade piece is cut out of 16 gauge steel and comes in two finishes. One finish is the true patina that ends up with a rainbow sheen and is recommended for indoor use only. The second finish is a powder coating finish that is available in 8 vibrant colors (red, orange, lime, kelly green, teal, blue, purple and silver) and can be used indoors or outdoors. Bring a part of the southwest home today!
Metal Gecko Wall Art, 10 inch
Product ID : Metal10in_gecko
Metal Gecko Wall Art, 7 inch
Product ID : Metal7in_gecko
Metal Kokopelli Art, 10 inch
Product ID : Metal10in_kokopelli
Metal Kokopelli Art, 14 inch
Product ID : Metal14in_kokopelli
Metal Kokopelli Art, 19 inch
Product ID : Metal19in_kokopelli
Metal Kokopelli Art, 7.5 inch
Product ID : Metal7in_kokopelli
Metal Sun Wall Art, 11 inch
Product ID : metal11in_sun
Metal Sun Wall Art, 17 inch
Product ID : metal16halfin_sun
Metal Sun Wall Art, 22 inch
Product ID : metal22in_sun
Metal Sun Wall Art, 33 inch
Product ID : metal33halfin_sun
Metal Sun Wall Art, 40 inch
Product ID : metal40in_sun
Metal Sun Wall Art, 7 inch
Product ID : metal6halfin_sun